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June 26, 2024 95 Time to read: 7 min.

Makom is about support. About warmth and closeness, perhaps. Read on and we’ll tell you exactly what that Hebrew word means. We’ll talk about the goals and vision of this very program, its initiatives, and how one can be a part of it all.

What is Makom?

Makom (also known as Jewish Foundation for Group Homeis or JFGH or Jewish Fund for Housing) is a Jewish Agency project that develops educational activities, training and materials that help Jews understand how to be themselves. Among other things, it helps people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to adapt, find jobs and hobbies, and build strong social relationships. Services include residential and coliving opportunities.

Mission and vision


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JFGH sees the Jewish people as robust, diverse and prosperous, united by heritage and commitment to Israel – their true homeland. People who were fortunate enough to be born and live healthy, people who were not and became seriously ill and disabled, and persons who were born with a disability are considered exactly the same. With precisely the same rights and responsibilities, and experiencing the identical range of feelings and emotions.

How does Makom manage to achieve this? Well, it creates a global framework for repatriation, ensures security, strengthens identity and connects Jews to Israel and to each other, and communicates people’s ideas and opinions to the government in order to create an engaged, friendly, helpful and patriotic society.

How to enroll

One can help implement JFGH program structures or even participate in them, both inside and outside of Israel. Those who are currently outside the Promised Land can enroll in some programs. And those who are currently (or permanently) outside can enroll in others. We will list them right below.

Programs and initiatives

Here is a list of some related initiatives:

  • ShinShinim – a cooperation of Israeli high school graduates who serve Jewish communities before the mandatory military service. One must spend at least 10 months in ShinShinim program.
  • Campus Israel Fellows – one of the Jewish Agency’s priority initiatives in partnership with the Hillel. With the unfortunate anti-semitic sentiment rise in modern world, the Jewish Agency recognizes the need to support its college and university students in the United States, Canada, and in other countries all around the world. The agenda brings together young people who have served in the army and received an education to actively combat negative attitudes toward Israel and its people.
  • Masa Israel Journey – a project that gives young people with Jewish roots the opportunity to come to Israel for a few months to study, work and get to know the country and the local community. It is an excellent start for those who intend to become Israeli citizens in the future and have every single reason and possibility to do so (note that the purpose of Masa is not exactly that: it is primarily an educational venture aimed at getting to know the local customs, mores and principles). Since its inception, the program has helped over 200,000 young people from over 65 countries strengthen their connection to Israel. Masa has several areas of focus, such as gaining work experience in leading Icompanies, career relocation, where technical specialists are in high demand, and MITF, which aims to make English accessible to children living in the periphery by providing all the necessary basics.

Makom in Rockville, MD

Makom in Rockville (formerly the Jewish Foundation for Group Homes – JFGH) is one of the largest organizations suppressing this very policy. It has accessible and understandable official website.

Specifically, the company is dedicated to help people with disabilities – It offers jobs on a commercial basis as well as on a completely altruistic one. Jobs include direct support professional, interest and enrollment coordinator, faith coordinator, and so on. Makom in Rockville has its own programs. For example:
  • Community Living – JFGH is a haven for the soul, a sanctuary where individuality thrives. More than just a roof and food, it is a nurturing environment where one can flourish. Local staff serve as guides and companions – from assisting with daily routines such as bathing and dressing to fostering independence by teaching things like shopping, meal preparation and financial management. Kosher options are available in the homes provided for this program. All necessary medical care is included as well.
  • In-Home Supports – If one does not want to be around other people, that’s okay. Even people without disabilities have a hard time doing that. So the In-Home Supports scheme is designed to help those who rent or own homes. Persons who join are provided with support staff to help with everyday needs, household chores, grocery shopping, transportation, recreational activities and money management.
  • MOST™ – a one-year individualized program where various activities and training included. They all designed to facilitate the successful transition of youngsters with disabilities into the adult Graduates gain independence (the ability to manage daily living activities independently without outside assistance), social skills (the ability to discuss and debate on somewhat complex topics, create and respond appropriately to rejection or criticism, and much more), enroll in job and education. Each agenda recruits young people between the ages of 18 and 24 and works with up to four people at a time in small groups, but one-on-one work is available if needed.
  • MyPad – is a distinct program under the JFGH MyPad offers a shelter for individuals with IDD, providing appointed and affordable rentals nestled within sought-after, accessible neighborhoods. This very sub-brand weaves its identity into the overarching Makom while simultaneously standing apart as a concierge service project that focuses on developing the hobbies of the participants. For example, organizers teach participants about healthy lifestyles by bringing in fresh produce from farms and offering in-house cooking classes.

Location and Contact Information

The organization’s address is: 1500 E Jefferson Street, Rockville, MD 20852.

If you need to contact the newly formed Jewish Foundation for Group Homes here and now, you may leave a request form with full name, email address, phone number, and point a short message including all your questions.

The foundation responds quickly: usually within two days, if not sooner. Among other things, JFGH also has a YouTube channel where it publishes various interesting information. For example, about the activities, Judaism, Kashrut, and much more.

Makom community

On Makom’s home page (the one we mentioned earlier), if you go to the “Stories” tab, you might even get teary-eyed – it contains stories of people who are participating in or have completed related programs here and now, and have something to share with the world.

Jewish Fund for Housing, Makom, Jewish Foundation for Group Homes, JFGH – they all have one goal and one idea, regardless of name or hypostasis: enrich the power of community, where individuals come together not only to share a space, but to share life itself. Like a place where dreams take flight, limitations fade, and where the spirit finds its true home.

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