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Israeli passport

July 23, 2023 1565 Time to read: 8 min. Comments: 2

Israel is an outstanding country. Every repatriate who steps onto their land from the plane ramp automatically becomes her citizen. There is also a triple identity card system. As practice shows, it has justified itself because the goal of the state is to attract as many Jews as possible to permanent residence.

There are 3 types of identity documents in Israel:

  • inside the country;

  • during your stay abroad.

They confirm that the owners belong to the number of Israeli citizens. With Teudat Maavar and Darkon, there are no problems identifying a person during trips abroad. The last change in the format of the internal passport was adopted in 2017 – Teudat Zehut became biometric. It is necessary in such situations as:

  • employment;
  • opening a bank account;
  • registration of a medical insurance policy;

  • admission to an educational institution;
  • business registration in the country.

One of the most important and relevant aspects of the registration of Israeli citizenship is the issue of obtaining a foreign passport. The WRAI offers assistance to citizens with Jewish roots in obtaining citizenship of Israel. When contacting citizenship specialists, each client receives:

  • individual solution of issues;
  • assistance in collecting missing documentation;

  • an objective assessment of your chances of passing an interview with the consul.

Teudat Zehut


Teudat Zehut is an identity card for use within the country. As a rule, it is issued immediately to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There are two types of internal identification: regular and biometric, like a driver’s license. All such certificates have a special nine-digit numbered identification. The documents of the citizens of the country are made in blue. The inscriptions on the margins are bilingual, Arabic and Hebrew are used. How to get an identity card and how to avoid mistakes:

Like any identity card, Teudat Zehut includes the main information about the owner:

  • first and last name;
  • date and place of birth data;

  • gender;
  • information about parents.

It is possible to get acquainted with the family status, name, as well as the identification number of the wife/husband, each child who has not reached the age of majority, permanent residence address, citizenship in the insert.

From the age of 16, government officials, police officers or the military staff may require the population to present an internal identity ID or a driver’s license, so they must always be carried with them.

There is a special department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs that deals with population and immigration issues. In any of its branches, internal civil passports are issued.

The biometric Fingerprint Certificate is valid for 10 years for all repatriates who have reached the age of 18. But if you refuse to store data in the database of biometric samples, the validity period of the passport is reduced to 5 years.



This is a permanent Israeli passport abroad, which is received by both indigenous residents and repatriates. Repatriates can receive a Darkon 3 months after the registration of citizenship. Such a passport opens visa-free access to most countries of the world for the terms established in international agreements on cooperation and visa-free regime. The Darkon is valid from 1 to 10 years. Are you going to get a Darkon? Find out where it will be more convenient for you to do this, read more here.

An international standard document confirms the identity of subjects outside their native land. It has the appearance of a blue paper book. On the title page there is an embossment in the form of a golden national emblem. The number of pages depends on the destination.

The Israeli passport may be a 16-page book, but there are documents for 32 pages and even 64. Information about a citizen is entered in the Darkon in two languages – Hebrew and English.

On the information page of the passport, in addition to the full-face photo of the document owner, there is a code for the scan, which is monitored when crossing the border. Information is also included:

  • the type of passport;
  • the country code;
  • the first and last name;
  • citizenship;

  • gender;
  • the place of birth;
  • the dates of issue and expiration dates;
  • the organization that issued the document.

An Israeli who has obtained citizenship in accordance with the “Law of Return” and has not been in Israel for most of the year will not be able to get a Darkon again. If the Darkon period has expired, then the consular department issues an Israeli Teudat Maavar passport for a period of 5 years. You can re-apply for Darkon only if you are in Israel most of the time.

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    To obtain citizenship with the subsequent receipt of the Darkon, future repatriates must go a long and difficult way, starting with the collection of documents and ending with the passage of consular checks. And, unfortunately, the result is not always positive.

    Lesse Passe or Teudat Maavar

    Lesse-Passe is a foreign passport valid for 5 years. You can get it both on the territory of Israel and at the consulate of the country of origin. It is also issued 3 months after the date of repatriation. His “powers” are somewhat narrower than Darkon’s, since not all countries can be entered with him – according to Teudat Maavar, you can visit 60 countries without a visa.

    Instead of Darkon for 1 year, you can choose Teudat Maavar for 5 years, or, as it is more often called by repatriates, Lesse-Passe. Read more about the document here.

    They have different validity periods and extension conditions: if the repatriate is going to live permanently in Israel, then it is better for him to choose a Darkon, which is valid for 1 year and opens visa-free entry to 161 countries of the world; if the repatriate is not going to stay in the Promised Land for a long time, then it is better to choose Teudat Maavar, since it is valid in for 5 years, but at the same time the number of visa-free countries is reduced to 60.


    The Lesse Passe is a red paper book with 16 pages. Even though it reduces the number of countries with visa-free travel, it still allows you to travel throughout Europe and other countries popular among tourists, gives access to a simple visa to the United States for up to 10 years, and all repatriation benefits are preserved. In addition, together with the first passport, the total number of countries is the same as that of Darkon.

    Find out the list of countries with visa-free entry using Israeli passports.

    Please note that after the expiration of the Darkon or Lesse Pass, they need to be renewed. And in this case, the decision to issue a document will already be made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country, focusing on the duration of your stay in Israel. Therefore, even if you initially chose Darkon, but did not stay long in the Promised Land, you will probably be given Teudat Maavar instead.

    Advantages of an Israeli passport

    One of the countries with high living standards is Israel. The full range of benefits of citizenship guarantees an Israeli passport.

    This document allows you to:

    • cross the borders of 161 countries without a visa;
    • receive decent living conditions;
    • use high-quality medical services;
    • have better prospects for employment;
    • get diplomas from local universities recognized by the world community (although tuition is paid, there is an opportunity to receive state grants and participate in scholarship projects);
    • receive financial assistance from the state to address issues of settling and adaptation in the country;
    • receive assistance and assistance in solving housing issues from Israeli ministries;
    • they will study Hebrew for free in ulpans – the right to study remains for 10 years, and the free language study itself lasts 6 months.
    To get a passport of an Israeli citizen, do you need to move to the country for permanent residence?

    To obtain Israeli citizenship, it is not necessary to live in the country for a long time. Registration of documents in Israel takes from 2 to 14 days.
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      If my grandfather is Jewish, can I get citizenship? What proof do I need in such a case?

      January 25 2024, 16:19

      Good afternoon, yes, you are eligible for Israeli citizenship. In order to successfully pass the consular check, you will need to gather a package of documents that will include proof of your grandfather’s Jewish ancestry and your relationship to him. To prove your ancestry, you will need civil registry documents indicating your nationality, and/or house books, Red Cross extracts, etc. And to prove your relationship you will need the whole chain of documents from your grandfather to you: birth certificates, marriage certificates, name changes, death certificates, etc. If you have problems with finding the necessary documents, you can always turn to the archival specialists of our company, which in the shortest possible time will be able to help you with this task!

      January 30 2024, 19:29
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