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The Step-By-Step Aliyah Process

July 17, 2023 938 Time to read: 11 min.

The Jewish people had been in exile from their homeland for many years. Now the people are residing all over the world, but there is still a chance to return to their homeland. With Aliyah, every Jew can return to Israel.

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    Aliyah in Israel: A program for foreigners


    “Aliyah” is translated from the Hebrew word for “return.” In biblical times, the word denoted the return journey from the Babylonian captivity to Jerusalem.

    Today, such a process brings Jews back to Israel. The person who made the Aliyah becomes “Ole.”

    To make it easier for new residents to adapt to the country – the Israeli government has created several special programs that include material assistance, temporary housing and intensive Hebrew learning.

    Main programs:

    • “Direct Absorption”. The program is suitable for those who have relatives or friends in Israel, who will be ready to help in difficult situations or for those who can cope on their own. For the first year of residence in the country, the newcomer is given an amount of mone.
    • “Ulpan Kibbutz”. This program is designed for young people under the age of 35. For five months the repatriate lives in a kibbutz, learns Hebrew, and gets to know the local life.

    • “Aliyah 2000”. This stage fully prepares for university or retraining.
    • “First Home”. The program applies to all married couples or singles under the age of 45. People work and study on a kibbutz. Repatriates can use any service they need: kindergarten, school, canteen, laundry and even gymnasium. A fee is charged for participation in the program.

    If a repatriate comes to his homeland, but does not have a place to live – he can use absorption and get a temporary place of residence free of charge. The Ministry of Aliyah includes a municipal absorption, through which one can find a place to live, get children educated, enroll in a hospital and start looking for a permanent job. Support is provided by a special mentor who introduces the repatriate to the new life system.

    Steps of repatriation

    Our agency has partnered with the Jewish Agency, which helps with repatriation in 10 simple steps.

    Step №1 application for Aliyah

    Before you carry out your repatriation – you must prepare and execute all necessary documents for the process. Registration takes place through filling out immigrant visa request . You will be able to upload copies of all necessary documents on your own, proving your right to repatriationз. These documents will also be used to determine your status with the Jewish Agency. A special consultant will accompany you throughout the process, so that no mistakes are made.

    Step №2 Making an appointment with The Repatriation Department

    From January 9, 2023, an appointment with the repatriation department is not needed. You must fill out the online form “Request for a visa / repatriate status” and send it for verification, and then an employee of the repatriation department will contact you. The new online questionnaire processing service was launched on January 9, 2023, so it is still difficult to say how much it will allow to unload the system. Previously, it took several months to preview documents, and the same amount of time to wait for an appointment with the repatriation department. As a rule, between sending the questionnaire and visiting the embassy, it can take up to a year.

    Step №3 Interview by Aliyah Shaliach

    At the interview, you will need to present real documents, which will be returned to you immediately after the review. Once all the documents are collected and the application is complete – a personal repatriation counselor will make contact with the Jewish embassy and arrange a future interview.

    Step №4 Approved Aliyah

    The israel embassy in Israel approves Aliyah according to all the necessary criteria set by the Israeli government. People from the agency will contact you and tell you directly that you are eligible to make Aliyah. They will confirm your status, at the expense of all family history.

    Once permission from the agency is obtained – you will be left with the consent of the NBN, which is issued automatically.

    Step №5 Obtain a visa to repatriate to the country

    The Jewish Agency will sent you instructions for next steps. You will get a visa to continue your repatriation process. The document takes no more than 14 days to be issued. The time depends on the place of residence and time of year. Once issued, the visa is valid for 6 months.

    Step №6 Aliyah Flight

    A big plus between Nefesh Be-Nefesh and the Jewish Agency is the flight to Israel. Together they arrange a one-way flight. You, as a repatriate, board a regular Nefesh flight and fly to your home country.

    Once you get the necessary authorization from the agency – you can get a flight pass in Aliyah. This authorization is provided by the Nefesh de Nefesh flight department. He will contact you and offer to make a request for a flight. You will be able to read all the flight options and choose the most appropriate one.

    It is important to familiarize yourself with the flight schedule. This will help you determine the right term and distribute all your plans.

    Step №7 Open/activate a bank account

    Choose any bank convenient for you and open an account in shekels. Enter the amount required to activate the account. Find out from the employee what conditions and benefits you are entitled to as a new immigrant.

    Step №8 Sign up for the Health Insurance Fund (if you did not do so at the airport)

    After paying the entry fee by mail (approximately 15 shekels for each family member), you will be recorded at the selected cash desk. At the post office you will receive a document confirming the registration and at the branch of the health insurance fund closest to you you can get a magnetic membership card.

    Children under 18 are registered with one of their parents. Children over 18 are self-registered.

    Step №9 Register at the local branch of the Ministry of Absorption

    Contact the branch of the Ministry of Absorption in your city and arrange the monthly payments of the Absorption Basket and enroll in Ulpan (Hebrew Studies Courses).

    Step №10 Apply for a land tax relief (for repatriates renting housing)

    As a new immigrant, you are entitled to a significant reduction in your Arnon tax (up to 90% on the first 100 sq.m of living space) within 12 months, in the first 2 years from the date of repatriation. This benefit is issued in the city municipality.

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      Who can benefit from aliyah

      The Law of Return defines a Jew as someone who was born of a Jewish mother and has not adopted any other faith. Aliyah is also available to those who have converted to Judaism. More recently, the law expanded the list of those eligible for repatriation and official citizenship: 

      • Children and grandchildren (even adopted);
      • Legal spouses or widowers of Jews who did not marry again;
      • Spouses of children and grandchildren;

      The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration

      The Ministry of Aliyah and integration have existed in Israel since the beginning of the state. Now, after many changes of name, the Ministry is called the Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption of Israel.

      The mission of the Ministry is to provide state aid to all immigrants. The state helps after arriving in the country. People can get jobs, get health insurance, and send their kids to school.

      It is difficult to prepare for an interview and to do all the paperwork yourself, so it is advisable to enlist the help of an expert.

      Here are the types of assistance offered by the state to all immigrants to Israel:

      • Basket of absorption;
      • Free Hebrew classes;
      • Temporary housing, or partial payment for an apartment;

      • Training and orientation courses;
      • Scholarships and funding for students;
      • “Business Initiative” for anyone who wants to start their own business.

      There are several other functions that the government has created for returnees. On the website of the ministry, you can see all the information about assistance. To get a visa and live in your native land – it is important to turn to professionals who will help in preparation.

      What documents will be required for Aliyah

      The deportation program in Israel is closely linked to the origin of the Jews. It is for this reason, first of all, it is necessary to collect and check all documents that will confirm Jewish roots. The best and most verified proof is a document that states a person’s nationality. Such a document is a birth or name change certificate. Military records, house registers and registry books from the marriage agency are also suitable.


      Synagogues in israel often keep records, but if nationality is not listed or if Jewish relatives lived a very long time ago, metric books can help. In them you can find information about relatives and provide it as a document.

      In Israel, they do not trust birth certificates that were issued to citizens of any country after 1980. The government does not consider them reliable for repatriation. Only original versions of documents can be submitted for verification – duplicate copies are not considered. It is best to prepare several different documents for consuls.

      Contact our agency for assistance and receive comprehensive visa support

      Obtaining Israeli citizenship is quite a complicated process. Our experts fully accompany the repatriate at every stage of obtaining: from collecting documents to obtaining an Israeli passport.

      We will introduce you to the first steps of life in Israel and help you through all the difficulties in the process of learning the new country.

      Citizens of Israel are issued a Darkon passport. This is one of the most influential passports in the world. Our company assists in its design and the passport is provided to the owner during the first three days of arrival in the country.

      You will learn the schedule of visits to the embassy and all the rules that must be respected. Specialists will help you pass the interview on the first try. You will not have to look for accommodation on your own. We will help you find invisibility in any place in Israel, taking into account all your preferences and financial capabilities.

      In Israel, there is private health insurance, and clients are served only by the best doctors and clinics. Our staff will help you choose a good insurance company and policy, and solve all medical problems.

      That’s why you should choose us:

      • Professionalism in our work. Full support in search of documents and financial consultations.
      • Trust. We are trusted by dozens of Jewish communities.

      • Warranty. Cooperating with us-most of the clients move to Israel.
      • Experience. Over 3500 families have already become citizens of Israel.

      Submit your application online and successfully complete 10 steps to obtain citizenship in Israel.

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