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Teudat Zehut

January 23, 2024 1982 Time to read: 9 min. Comments: 5

Every citizen of the country must have an identity card. There are several possible options: passport, international passport, driving license and military ID. At the same time, only a passport is considered abroad. Israel has a similar system: Israelis have an internal and foreign passport. Just about the internal passport we are talking about.

In the Jewish state, such a concept as Teudat Zehut is widespread. What is Teudat Zehut in Israel? What is its biometric variant? How does this document differ from other types of passports valid in the Promised Land? And also — how does one get a Teudat Zehut? You can read about all this in our material.

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    Detailed explanation of the Israeli ID card and its components

    Teudat Zehut (Hebrew תעודת זהות‏‎) is an approximate Hebrew sound of the words, usually translated as “identity card”. And this is actually so—this concept is understood as an official state document that serves to certify the identity of a citizen of the Israeli state.

    Teudat Zehut
    Teudat Zehut is issued from the age of 16 in the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Citizenship specialists of the WRAI will tell you how to get an identity card and avoid mistakes on the way to obtaining Israeli citizenship. If we are not talking about a biometric Teudat Zehut, then this document is a laminated plastic card, but complements its paper application in a blue leatherette case, on which the country’s coat of arms is embossed.

    Israeli identity cards are issued by the Population Authority of the Ministry of Interior, and in general, non-residents are ineligible for the issuance or renewal of an identity cards. The law in the State of Israel mandates that each resident must carry their identity card at all times, and present it to certain officials, such as police officers and soldiers, per their instruction.

    The paper appendix to Teudat Zehut contains information:

    • about the place of residence;
    • about citizenship;

    • about marital status;
    • about the wife and children.

    If you experience difficulties with registration or activation of Teudat Zehut, you can contact the WRAI for help. Here you will receive assistance in renewing your Israeli identity card (replacing a temporary document with a biometric passport), and you will also be able to resolve other equally important issues during repatriation.

    How to apply for an Israeli identity card

    Israeli identity cards are issued by the Population and Immigration Authority of the Ministry of Interior. Those wishing to obtain identity cards are required to make:

    1. Book an appointment at Misrad Hapnim for EACH person who needs a biometric Teudat Zehut.
    2. Go to Misrad Hapnim on the assigned day, with your background check(s) with apostille(s), and follow the instructions given to you there. Everyone who needs a Teudat Zehut must be physically present. Ezrachim Olim and Ktinin Chozrim are exempt from bringing their background check(s).
    3. Your Teudat Zehut will be couriered to the home address listed for you in the Misrad Hapnim files 7-10 business days after you applied for it. You must have an Israeli cell phone number as the Misrad Hapnim will confirm your contact information via SMS. You will need to give the courier a code, which was provided to you at the Misrad Hapnim meeting, in order for the courier to deliver your card.
    4. Diligently check your text messages for the message from Misrad Hapnim asking if you received your biometric Teudat Zehut. Following their directions, confirm receipt of your new ID card.

    Biometric Teudat Zehut

    teudat zehut

    Since June 1, 2017, the issuance of non-biometric identity cards has been cancAnd although the old Teudat Zehut are still in use, they will be used only until their validity expires. And thereafter, the owners of documents that have lost their validity will already receive Teudat-zehut of a new biometric sample.

    If we are not talking about a biometric Teudat Zehut, then this document is a laminated plastic card, but complements its paper application in a blue leatherette case, on which the country’s coat of arms is embossed.

    On the margins of Teudat Zehut, you can see inscriptions in Hebrew and Arabic, since both of these languages ​​are state languages ​​in Israel. But the document is filled out only in Hebrew. The Teudat Zehut contains information:

    • about the name and surname of the owner;
    • the gender;
    • the place and date of birth;

    • the mother’s and father’s name and surname;
    • the date and place of issue of the document.

    Also in Teudat Zehut is his official nine-digit number. It belongs to one of the main identification codes of a citizen. The number is issued to a person at birth or upon arrival in the country for permanent residence, and, as a rule, people remember it by heart.

    Temporary Teudat Zehut

    To apply for a temporary Teudat Zehut at the Interior Ministry in Haifa, you will need the following documents and their copies (mandatory!!):

    • Birth certificate for each family member (originals and COPY).
    • Marriage or divorce certificates (original and COPY).
    • All documents proving Jewishness (originals and COPY).
    • Passport- original and COPY and COPY of entry visa to Israel.
    • Teudat ole.
    • Documents received at the airport.
    • 2 passport photos for each person (for a temporary passport issued locally).
    • Copies and passport photos can be made at the photo shop at 28 Natanzon St. (for a fee), near the MIA building.

    Ministry of the Interior employees do not make copies during the reception. If the family did not come as a whole (the spouse with Jewish roots could not come at the moment), it is necessary to prepare documents and copies:

    • Birth certificate of the spouse and his/her parents on the Jewish line;
    • marriage certificate;
    • children’s birth certificates.

    Benefits and enhanced security provided by biometric identification

    In the Jewish state, identity cards of a new type began to be issued in a test mode back in 2013, and now the country has completely switched to issuing such biometric smart cards. According to specialists from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, such documents cannot be forged, or the information contained in them can be used with criminal intent.

    Biometric Teudat-zehuts are based on individual biological parameters for each person. We are talking about fingerprints, facial movement and other factors. At the same time, these biometric data are carefully guarded: the state stores them in a super-secure database.

    The new-style Teudat-zehut itself is made in the form of a credit bank card with additional protection in the form of various ciphers and holograms. So no one has yet succeeded in forging the biometric Teudat Zehut.

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      How to activate the biometric feature in the Teudat Zehut

      Upon receipt of a biometric Teudat-zehut, it is necessary to undergo a procedure related to scanning fingerprints, filming facial movements in a special format, and answering identification questions. The collected information will be encoded and mapped as unique holograms. Moreover, the information will be sent to a special top-secret database.

      Under Israeli law, every citizen over the age of 16 must carry an identity card. But it does not always have to be Teudat-zehut.

      • In order to issue a new Teudat Zehut you will need to visit your local branch of Misrad Hapnim (the Ministry of Interior). You must book an appointment at Misrad Hapnim for EACH person who needs a biometric Teudat Zehut. You must have an Israeli cell phone number to book the appointment, as they will SMS you with the appointment time.
      • After receiving your Teudat Zehut, you will be sent an SMS message from the Population & Immigration Authority (‘Activation SMS’) in order to verify the document was in fact received by you (the SMS may arrive a day or two later). If you do not have a cellphone, a voice message will be sent to the home phone number you provided upon application.
      • You will be asked to respond to the SMS or voice message in a simple fashion confirming whether or not you have received the Teudat Zehut (1= Yes, received 0=No, haven’t received).

      Only after confirming receipt, your new Teudat Zehut will become valid in the Ministry’s registry. (This can take a couple of hours, and you will receive an additional SMS stating your ID has been activated). This will allow you to perform various actions on the government website and via the automated self-service machines.

      The issuance of the first Teudat Zehut of a new sample is free of charge.

      Should you have any questions about the Teudat Zehut, please contact the specialists of our company. They will advise you on a professional level on any issues related to the repatriation of Jews to Israel, including the issuance of a biometric Teudat Zehut.

      More than 5,000 principals have become happy owners of citizenship. We will analyze each specific case and find an individual approach to each client. Request a call back or email us:

      What is Teudat Zehut in English?

      Teudat Zehut” in English translates to “Identity Card.” It’s an official personal identification document used in Israel.

      What is a Teudat Oleh?

      A Teudat Oleh is a document issued by the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration to those who have been granted Oleh status. This booklet, intended for family use rather than individuals, details all types of support provided to the family. It is necessary to show this Te’udat Oleh when visiting any office.

      How many digits is an Israeli ID?

      An Israeli Identity Number, assigned to every citizen at birth by the Ministry of the Interior, consists of nine digits. This includes a one-digit prefix, a sequence of seven digits, followed by a check digit at the end.

      Does Israel accept US driver's license?

      In Israel, individuals from foreign countries can drive using their U.S. driver’s licenses. However, this is allowed for only up to twelve months. After residing in Israel for more than a year, foreigners must acquire an Israeli driving license.

      Can anyone get Israeli citizenship?

      Israeli citizenship is granted at birth to those born in the country, provided that at least one of their parents is an Israeli citizen. For non-Jewish foreigners, obtaining citizenship through naturalization is possible after residing in Israel for a minimum of three years with permanent residency status and showing proficiency in Hebrew.

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        Can there be problems with US citizenship if I get Israeli citizenship?

        January 20 2024, 19:22
        Aaron Cohen

        Obtaining Israeli citizenship as a United States citizen generally does not pose problems for your U.S. citizenship. The United States allows dual citizenship, which means you can be a citizen of both the U.S. and another country, like Israel, without losing your American citizenship.

        February 29 2024, 18:43
        Carlos BTC

        Thank you.

        August 07 2023, 06:22
        Carlos BTC

        Hi! I am just trying to get s frequent flyer miles card from El Al so I can fly safely. They keep asking for my Israeli Id!

        August 07 2023, 06:22
        Dominika Kagan

        Hello, but you are not a citizen of the country, do we understand you correctly? Our company is engaged in assistance in obtaining Israeli citizenship, you can call us for a free consultation on the issue of repatriation!

        August 08 2023, 15:18
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