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Dual Citizenship in Israel

February 23, 2024 7810 Time to read: 11 min. Comments: 4

Dual citizenship offers many advantages. The legislation allows granting this status to foreigners in compliance with certain requirements. Israel allows to retain the first one when applying for citizenship upon repatriation. Can you have dual citizenship in Israel? A detailed description of all possible options and related nuances is set out in the article.

What is Dual Citizenship?

What is Dual Citizenship
It guarantees people of countries between which mutual recognition agreements have been concluded. These people receive the rights and obligations of all parties. The absence of international agreements on dual citizenship implies the status of a second citizenship. There are no prohibitions in the law on this issue. But there is a small limitation. While staying on Israeli territory, a man with Israeli passport will be considered exclusively as the owner of Israeli citizenship. He is obliged to comply with the laws of this particular country.

The Israeli Law of Return and Dual Citizenship

According to the Israel law of return, Americans can become citizens of this country without losing their first status. There are small limitations. Citizenship can be obtained by Jews and their descendants up to the third generation:

  • Children and grandchildren and their spouses;
  • Widower or widow of a Jew;
  • Spouse.

In addition, people who have converted also have the right to Israeli citizenship. They are considered Jews by right of conversion to Judaism.

For repatriation, it is necessary to prove the Jewish origin. We will also have to officially confirm the family ties. All documents must be authentic, because when hiding data or providing false information, it will not work to cross the border. And we’ll have to forget about moving at all.

Distant relatives are not taken into account when considering the status.

Great-grandchildren receive a residence permit only after 3 years of permanent residence. And then with a huge reservation — only if they repatriated with their parents before reaching adulthood

The right to automatically obtain two passports applies to children whose one or both parents are Israeli citizens, regardless of the place of birth. In this case, you will not have to collect evidence. The child can get his status only automatically. If a person was born in Israel or one of his parents was already a citizen at the time of the child’s birth, then the child automatically receives this status.

The country has a strict law regarding religion. If a person wants to immigrate to Israel, but first he or his parents changed their religious affiliation, he cannot count on leniency. He will be refused in any case, even if he proves a close relationship with Jews.

Dual US-Israeli Citizenship

For more than forty years, the US relationship with Israel has been one of the most prominent features of its foreign policy. America does not have such close ties with any other country on the planet. Support is provided through both the executive and legislative branches. They stand in solidarity at all major international forums.

Dual US-Israeli Citizenship
Relations between two countries are characterized by deep and comprehensive interconnectedness.

Their quality is emphasized by highly developed bilateral military-technical cooperation, trade and economic cooperation, as well as close political and social ties that have passed the test of time for more than half a century.

US law allows its citizens to have a dual or plural.

A person with dual citizenship of the United States and Israel is not considered a foreign citizen in accordance with the Security Service Law and, therefore, will be subject to mandatory military service.

The passport can be updated once every ten years. For minor children, citizenship must be renewed every five years.

When all the official part is completed and the permit is received, you can not only regularly enter and leave the country, but also visit many countries without problems.


Does Israel accept dual citizenship? Yes, it the first advantage. Anyone who has thought about getting a second passport knows that before you go and start collecting documents, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Spoiler: there are much more pluses and often they overlap the minuses.


  • Standard of living. Young people get us Israel dual citizenship to improve the quality of life, and this country is the best fit for this. The salary level in the Holy Land is on average kept at $ 3,500 per month, that is, about 11,000 shekels. Even with the increased cost of real estate and utilities, this money will be enough for decent living.
  • Journeys. If you plan to travel to many new places, it is better to choose a passport that opens visa-free travel to many places. The visa gives free regime with 161 countries: Europe, the UK, Canada, Japan and others.
  • Medicine. Everyone has heard about the highest level of local medicine. Innovative developments, the best surgeons and medicines. The service is also at a high level. Obtaining Israeli American dual citizenship will open access to the best medicine. The average life expectancy is 82 years.
  • Education. When moving with your family, you should take care of education in advance, and here it is one of the best. Diplomas are quoted all over the world, so you don’t have to worry about the future.
  • Diplomatic protection. People have the right to enjoy the protection and patronage of both States. Protection and patronage for them in a third state is provided by either of the two countries at the citizen’s choice.
  • Sea, sun, beach. A favorable climate will also be a good advantage. At a minimum, after receiving the document, you will always have a prestigious vacation spot near the sea, and there are three of them. As a maximum, you will live in a warm climate, where in winter they do not know about snowstorms.
  • Benevolence. The goodwill and loyalty are felt “from the doorstep.” Repatriates who stay in the country receive payments. The mentality may be hot, but the people for the most part are kind and generous.

But there are also disadvantages. In particular, many are afraid of compulsory military service or high prices. But firstly, there are exceptions. Secondly, these disadvantages pale against the background of all the advantages.


The path to a second citizenship can be quite long. There is a long list of Israeli dual citizenship requirements. Even in the case of repatriation, it takes about 6 months.

Jewish grandma
The most important and crucial moment, on which the whole further procedure of registration and verification of documents is then based, is the confirmation of Jewishness. It has been established that Jewish nationality is transmitted through the female line, therefore, if a person has documentary evidence of the Jewish origin of his mother or grandmother, it will be easier for him to get the coveted passport. The situation is less clear if the Jewish roots go deep into the male line, but even in this case there is an opportunity to use the repatriation procedure.

Evidence in this case can serve as obvious official documents (birth, marriage or death certificates), as well as other options for confirming citizenship. When searching for all these documents, it may take not only time and effort, but also access to the relevant archives and state institutions of the country where the applicant’s ancestors lived for citizenship.

The next important point is filling out the questionnaire, because according to the data from it, the consul decides on the transition of the application to the next level. The questionnaires seem simple, but there may be a catch in each of the questions. It is important to consult with a specialist in order to avoid fatal mistakes and obtain Israeli citizenship without any problems.

The third important step to an Israeli passport is an interview with the consul. The conversation takes place with a parallel assessment of the data indicated in the questionnaire, but goes beyond their scope. For example, it is important for an employee to identify the true reasons for moving and personal goals, attitude to religion, as well as the peculiarities of family life over the past few generations. If everything was successful with the second citizenship, for a person it means the beginning of a wonderful period in life when you can use all the bonuses from both states.

Paperwork causes a lot of difficulties for new repatriates due to its specifics.

Obtaining Israeli Dual Citizenship

Jewish roots are not the only way. There are also alternative options, but not everyone can bypass the main method. It will be more difficult but it is still possible.

There are three ways to become a citizen without Jewish roots:

  1. Pass the giyur. It is a ritual of acceptance of Judaism. Preparing for it is a serious step that takes a lot of time and effort. You need to dive deep into Judaism, learn a lot of new information and require deep knowledge about Judaism and a sincere desire to convert to this religion. By law, every Jew has the right to be repatriated.
  2. Naturalization. This is a gradual entry into society as a full-fledged citizen. In the case of naturalization, when making decisions, they are guided by how much the applicant can be useful for the country. In this case people receive absolutely all political and civil rights. But they are not subject to the benefits and monetary state payments provided for new repatriates.
  3. Marriage. To do this, it is necessary to go through the procedure of legalization of foreign spouses and civil law partners.
We will also have to collect numerous marriage confirmations. Even letters from neighbors, friends and just acquaintances are required, indicating that the relationship in the couple is really sincere

The birth of a child is one of those arguments that further confirm the conclusion of a love marriage. You can independently show joint photos, receipts from the cafe — this is only encouraged. And if there is a crisis in the relationship, it is better not to leave, otherwise the residency status will be deprived with a greater degree of probability.

Military Service

It is mandatory for everyone. Young boys and girls are subject to conscription upon reaching the age of 18. People who live abroad have the right to a postponement. But it needs to be issued in advance, otherwise, the next time you visit Israel, you may find a ban on leaving the country.

There are a lot of nuances here and you cannot go through the service. Health plays a big role — if you cannot serve in the army for medical reasons, then you will not have to serve.

Also, non-residents of the country do not serve in the army, that is, those who live outside Israel for longer than 6 months a year.

The draft age is up to 28 years. Citizens who repatriated after 22 years are not liable for military service, but service is possible on a voluntary basis. Pregnant and married girls, person with children receive full withdrawal from service, and for married men, the service life is reduced from the standard to 18 months.

Does Israel have dual citizenship?

Repatriates are not prohibited. If a person was born in Israel, he cannot obtain citizenship of another country. Like a person who receives Israeli citizenship through naturalization, he must renounce his first citizenship.

Does Israel allow dual citizenship?

The country’s system does not exclude such a right. Everyone can go through the procedure and checks to get a second document. Anyone who can prove that they have roots and a desire to make Israel the center of their vital interests can try to undergo repatriation.

How to Get Israeli Dual Citizenship?
  • Preparation of documents;
  • Interview with the consul;
  • Obtaining a visa;
  • Obtaining documents in Israel.
Does Israel Accept Dual Citizenship?

There is not a single law that would restrict citizens from having a second, third or even fifth citizenship. But there is no agreement on dual citizenship with any country. No matter how many passports an Israeli has, Israel considers him only its citizen on its territory.

Therefore, the answer is yes.

How to Apply for Israeli Dual Citizenship?
  • The first stage is a person looking for documents to confirm their roots.
  • The second stage is submitting an application to the embassy, waiting for a consular check.
  • The third stage – gets to the inspection, where he conducts a conversation with the consul, answers questions, shows documents.
  • If the consul gives a visa, then within 6 months the family must fly to Israel and get passports there.
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    Ynty Yndrsn

    Hi. How does one apply for Israeli citizenship for the purpose of having dual citizenship?

    February 29 2024, 16:56
    Aaron Cohen

    The application process for Israeli citizenship varies depending on the applicant’s circumstances. Generally, it involves submitting an application to the Ministry of Interior, along with necessary documents such as proof of Jewish heritage (if applying under the Law of Return), a valid passport, and other personal identification documents. The process may also require an interview and a period of residency in Israel.

    February 29 2024, 17:21
    sergey haverev

    Are there any restrictions or special considerations for dual citizens in Israel?

    February 29 2024, 16:40
    Aaron Cohen

    Dear Sergey!
    Dual citizens in Israel are generally subject to the same rights and obligations as other Israeli citizens. However, they should be aware of the military service requirement in Israel, and how their dual citizenship might affect this. Additionally, they need to understand the tax implications and how it may affect their income in both countries.

    February 29 2024, 16:46
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