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Help after having obtained Israeli citizenship

March 25, 2022 343 Time to read: 7 min. Comments: 2

Having received Israeli citizenship, repatriates have a huge number of tasks and issues that need to be resolved as quickly as possible. Without knowledge of the language, the nuances, and peculiarities of the Israeli mentality, it is very difficult to do everything on your own. To resolve such situations, you need the prompt assistance of specialists from Alfa Israel Assistance Company Ltd, your reliable partner in Israel.

Alfa Israel Assistance Company Ltd provides professional support in resolving financial, medical, domestic and other issues that arise after repatriation. Our assistance is especially relevant for those who have not moved the center of their vital interests to Israel, but continue to live, work, and do business in another state.

History of Alfa Israel Assistance Company Ltd

Alfa Israel Assistance Company is a member of the large “family” of Alfa Israel Group and is engaged in the provision of various services in Israel. Alfa Israel Assistance Company has grown into a separate full-fledged company from the subscriber department of the WRAI.

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    After repatriation, people need to solve numerous issues in an unfamiliar country

    It so happened that after repatriation, people have to resolve numerous issues in a country they are unfamiliar with – regulating their residence status, maintaining an active bank account, maintaining medical insurance, updating and renewing documents. Even more difficult is the situation when, after completing all the mandatory procedures, a person needs to return to the country of origin.

    In this case, you can lose the activity of the bank account, the ability to use free Israeli medicine, receive fines from the National Insurance Institute (Bituah Leumi) and suddenly face other problems.

    To address all these and other issues, WRAI opened a customer service department in 2017. Gradually, the department grew into an independent company Alfa Israel Assistance Company Ltd, which was organized in 2021. Its founder is Vadim Zhorov, President of Alfa Israel Company Group. The companies that constitute the group are engaged in various areas, including helping people with Jewish roots in obtaining Israeli citizenship. And now for 4 years we have been helping in resolving issues that arise after obtaining Israeli citizenship, we provide a personal manager and concierge service.

    Support in Israel

    Our accompaniment will be useful to new repatriates and returned residents of the country. The company’s services will be relevant if you are going to live in Israel or are thinking of returning to the country of origin.

    Our team consists of highly qualified specialists, many of whom have gone through the repatriation process in the recent past. Therefore, even before you contact us for help, we already know exactly what you need to decide first.

    For support in Israel, a personal manager is allocated, who is familiar with the mechanism for solving certain problems. He knows a clear sequence of actions, will be aware of your situation, which allows you to quickly resolve even the most complex issues.

    Support in Israel includes:

    • Residence status control. This is an important point. If you are in Israel less than 183 days a year, you are not a tax resident. But Bituah Leumi does not track these changes and can accrue obligations to pay insurance premiums after the expiration of the grace period. As a result, there is a debt on social payments, plus fines and penalties are charged. We organize our work in such a way that such situations do not arise.
    • Work with correspondence – translation, tracking and verification. This is necessary because in your absence mail may appear, which is of high importance.
    • Bank account monitoring, keeping it active. Lack of transactions on the account may lead to the blocking of the balance. And it will take time to solve the problem.
    • Organization of medical examinations. We help with the choice of specialists, make an appointment with them. Our experts know how to thoroughly prepare and submit documents to the insurance company to receive financial compensation for medical expenses.
    • Support in obtaining, renewing a foreign passport, driver’s license, and other documents. Our employee will help you register on the official website of public services, fill out the registration form. Accompany to the department if necessary.
    • Army consulting. We help with registration of deferment from service in the ranks of the Israel Defense Forces on legal grounds.

    As part of the support in Israel, we also solve other important issues. In particular, we tell you how to maintain access to Israeli medicine, even with a long absence from the country. This is helped by the purchase of a policy by a private insurance company during the period of the state insurance (the first year after repatriation).

    An additional convenience of cooperation with us is that the provided personal manager is ready to defend the interests of the client and resolve issues 24/7. He will be able to act as a translator, consultant, a person who will help with the execution of various papers or the purchase of real estate.

    The concierge service from Alfa Israel Assistance Company Ltd

    The concierge service is a special service for customers who prefer higher standards of comfort. A personal assistant will help in covering numerous issues.

    Our customers can count on fast round-the-clock information support and assistance. Basic set of services within the concierge service:

    • Booking a hotel room, plane tickets and so on;
    • Transfer order;
    • Assistance in organizing meetings with partners;

    • Delivery of any purchased item to the specified address;
    • Business meeting reminder;
    • Order VIP services at the airport.

    The set of services in the concierge service package is almost unlimited.

    Service packages

    The provision of a personal manager is included in any of the service packages provided by Alfa Israel Assistance Company Ltd. There are four sets in total:

    • Light;
    • Base;

    • VIP;
    • Business.

    Therefore, each of our clients can choose a set of services in accordance with their needs and requests. Thanks to our services, you can save your energy and time, and highly qualified specialists will promptly solve any problems.

    Alfa Israel Assistance Company Ltd is a team of experienced professionals. A responsible approach to solving various client issues and a willingness to work with diverse tasks helped us grow into a separate company. We are proud of our reputation as a responsible and competent expert in the field of supporing new repatriates and returned residents in Israel. The main thing for us is the comfort and safety of our clients, whose interests we are ready to protect 24/7.
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      GCC with fabrication welding years experience 10yer in construction sector.Interested to work in israel

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      Hello. Unfortunately, we don’t do job assistance in Israel

      February 13 2024, 10:31
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