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Israeli Citizenship By Investment

September 21, 2023 683 Time to read: 8 min.

A lot of countries provide pathways to residency and even citizenship through investment programs, catering to individuals seeking alternative ways, particularly investors. Israel does not currently participate in such immigration through investment initiatives, but there is a B/5 – Israeli visa for foreign investors.

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    Who can get this visa? What are the special conditions? Let’s find the answers together.

    The B/5 Visa

    For United States citizens, there is a unique opportunity known as the B/5 visa. It gives a chance to secure residence in Israel, effectively resembling a form of citizenship by investment.

    This investment visa was introduced in May 2019. Through lasting negotiations between Israel and the US, a few years later it was officially signed.

    Under this mutual agreement, Israel citizens can pursue an E/2 investment visa, granting them legal status in the United States. This possibility for obtaining Israeli residency stemmed from a mutual visa agreement between Israel and the United States. Similarly, American citizens can take advantage of the B/5 investment visa when considering a move to Israel, enabling them to attain legal status within the country.

    For U.S. citizens who may not be eligible for traditional immigration routes to Israel, such as making aliyah, the B/5 investment visa offers a remarkable alternative for settling in the nation. When does this option become particularly beneficial?

    For example, when an Israeli citizen marries someone from the United States. The family in the U.S. does not meet the criteria for Jewish immigration or other conventional immigration categories in Israel, so the decision is to get the visa. The B/5 investment visa presents an avenue to bring such family members to Israel. This opportunity extends on siblings, older children from previous marriages, parents and others, allowing them to acquire legal status in the country.

    There are a number of criteria for business investors to qualify for the B/5 Investor Visa. To get B/5 you have to:

    1. Make a substantial personal financial investment in either a new or established Israeli business (there is no special amount)
    2. Possess a minimum ownership stake of 50% in the business
    3. Ensure that the business operates with a profit-oriented objective and make a significant contribution to economics
    4. Demonstrate that the business is projected to generate income significantly surpassing the basic living expenses of the investor and their family
    5. Develop a hiring strategy to employ Israeli workers within the business

    However, it’s difficult to understand and find required documents, to hit all the points.

    Conditions for Family Members

    After the visa is approved, there are special opportunities and programs for US investor’s family reunification. This helps families stay in the same country without any difficulties.

    Closest members of a family, including spouse and children (under 21 years old) can get to the Israel through the B/52 and B/53 visas, respectively.

    These documents afford the family the opportunity to reside in the country, enroll their children in schools and seek employment in Israel, whether within the investor’s business or elsewhere in the Israeli job market.

    It’s essential to emphasize that this visa and its associated benefits do not encompass access to national or health insurance. Consequently, individuals and their families must arrange for private insurance coverage during their period of residence in the country.

    Duration of the B/5 Visa

    Typically, the B/5 visa has an initial validity period of two years.

    After this period the visa reevaluated based on the success of investment or the business profits. Following this initial period, it can be extended annually, usually for up to a maximum of five years. Nevertheless, as long as the associated business remains operational and continues to make a positive economic impact in Israel, the B/5 visa can be extended beyond the five-year limit.

    Pros and Cons of Israeli Citizenship by Investment

    Israeli Citizenship by Investment, also known as the B/5 investor visa program, offers a unique opportunity for individuals who want to become Israeli citizens through financial investments in the country.

    Like any citizenship or residency by investment program, it comes with its own set of pros and cons.


    • Access to a Vibrant Economy: Israel has a robust and diverse economy with a strong focus on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Investing in Israel can provide opportunities for financial growth and business development.
    • Residency and Citizenship: Through the B/5 program, investors and their families can obtain residency in Israel, which can eventually lead to full citizenship. Israeli citizenship grants access to various benefits and rights, including the ability to live and work in Israel without restrictions.
    • Educational Opportunities: Israel boasts world-class universities and educational institutions. Citizenship can provide access to quality education for investors’ children.
    • Security and Stability: Israel is known for its security and stability in the region. Citizenship can provide a sense of security and the ability to live in a country with a strong defense system.
    • Cultural and Historical Experience: Israel offers a rich cultural and historical experience, with religious and historical sites, diverse cuisine and a unique blend of traditions and cultures.


    • Complex Application Process: The application process for Israeli citizenship through investment can be lengthy and complex, involving various legal and financial requirements.
    • Taxation: Israel has taxation policies that can affect the income and assets of citizens. It’s essential to understand the tax implications of obtaining Israeli citizenship.
    • Residency Requirements: To maintain eligibility for citizenship, investors may need to meet residency requirements, including spending a certain amount of time in Israel each year.
    • Political and Regional Factors: Israel’s geopolitical situation can be complex, and political developments may impact the stability of the region. Investors should consider these factors when seeking citizenship.
    • Language and Cultural Integration: Learning Hebrew and integrating into Israeli society may be necessary for full participation in the country’s cultural and social life.
    • High Level of Investments: The B/5 program typically requires a substantial financial investment, which may be out of reach for many individuals.

    Israeli Citizenship by Investment can be an attractive option for individuals with the financial means and a genuine interest in becoming part of Israeli society.
    Potential investors should carefully weigh the pros and cons, conduct thorough research and seek professional guidance to make an informed decision.

    As it was already mentioned, the B/5 visa stems from collaborative negotiations.

    The start of that mutual discussion between Israel and the United States was considered in 2012. These two nations have had enduring commercial and economic partnership over the years.

    Under the Memorandum of Understanding concerning the Expansion of Reciprocal Benefits and the Visa Waiver Program, the United States and Israel have established boundaries.

    This agreement specified significant and steady deepening of the relationship between the two countries, delineates the measures Israel has pledged to implement to reciprocate privileges for all American citizens.

    Your B/5 Investor Visa to Israel

    Summing all up, due to B/5 being a brand-new visa and policy around it is only in process of forming, there are numerous inaccuracies and problems which require help. Our team of professionals will guide you through this long-lasting process.

    Moreover, the Israeli government is planning to extend the opportunity for non-Jewish U.S. citizens to obtain Israeli citizenship through investment. This will require other conditions, so to avoid confusion and to make it easier to be specific, we suggest you use WRAI.

    Several questions that investors certainly want to know: what types of business ventures will be approved by the government, what documentation and information will be required, what forms will need to be filled out, how long the process of getting visa will take and what are the costs for applying for the Israel Investor Visa for USA citizens.

    Getting on the path to your B/5 Investor Visa in Israel has never been easier. Let us take the guesswork out of this already difficult process and provide you with the guidance you need to succeed.

    If you are a U.S. citizen seeking Israeli citizenship through investment, the B/5 Investor Visa program provides an avenue for you and your family to realize this goal. All your needs throughout the application process will be solved by the WRAI team of professionals.

    Your journey begins here!

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