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Absorption basket for new immigrants in 2024 – Sal Klita

January 5, 2024 1063 Time to read: 10 min.

Israel warmly welcomes new immigrants with some tempting perks and allowances. This country has one of the strongest support programs for the returnees, which means you can make these privileges work for your own good.

We have gathered some helpful information for your future Aliyah to Israel. Use the information below with all seriousness and you will reap the harvest of the state benefits in the first days after the move.

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    What is the absorption basket? What do you get in the Sal Klita? Who is it for? Let’s find the answers together.

    What is the absorption basket?

    First things first. Let’s find out what that is and why your household needs it.

    The absorption basket or The Sal Klita is a financial grant provided by the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration to support you during your first year of adjustment in the State of Israel. This assistance covers your living and other expenses of your family.

    This “basket” was created to speed up the adjustment process of integration of newly comers to their land. The Sal Klita is given to all new repatriates all around the world.

    All repatriates are entitled to the “Absorption Basket” regardless of the state in which they previously resided. They are entitled to the “absorption basket” for one year from the date they are given the status of repatriate. The payments are only discontinued when the repatriate goes abroad for an extended period of time during the year in question. They are resumed when the repatriate returns to the country during the first year of his repatriation.

    Importance of the absorption basket for new immigrants

    We both know it’s not the easiest time when you arrive in a new country and you know nothing there. That’s why the Government takes you by your hand and walks you through the process of settling down in Israel. 

    The “absorption basket” in 2024, as before, includes help with rent payments. This “basket” must be distinguished from the old-age allowance in Israel and the unemployment allowance in Israel. These are different payments from each other.

    You can claim your Sal Klita only if you’re physically in Israel. Otherwise, it will not work and the payments will be stoped.

    Size of the absorption basket in 2024

    Size of the absorption basket
    The desirable basket a.k.a. Sal Klita has two parts of scheduled payments.

    The first part: Get your crispy banknotes at the airport by arrival to Israel. The other part of the first part (sounds good, isn’t it?) awaits to flow to your bank account. We will discuss the matter of opening your bank account in Israel in Israel, no worries.

    The second part of the payment will be given to you as six-monthly subsidies. You need to inform the Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption that you have got a bank opened account and provided its details in order for the payments to be credited to you. From this time on just enjoy your stay and focus on learning Hebrew while The Government takes care of you and your needs. These are different kind of baskets and different kind of payments as well, obviously.

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      Even though the government of Israel has decided to cut benefits, the policy did not affect the “absorption basket”. It remains unchanged from the previous 2022 year.

      Absorption basket payment tables

      The following graphic tables shows how the The Sal Klita payments form for different groups of returnees.
      It’s quite simple:

      • Find your age
      • Find your marital status:
      • Single as a dollar bill
      • Single parent (it’s fantastic, you’re my hero)
      • Full family (i salute you friends, I want to have it all too)

      See the amount of money you ought to get as a newcomer (yay!)

      Table of absorption basket payments

      Friend, having your bank account is vital, especially for you as a new immigrant.
      Don’t go, run to a bank (any bank will work) in the first days of your stay in Israel.
      Consider to open a joint account with your spouse or partner or family member, it’s up to you.
      Notify the Ministry of Construction about your move with the bank account and provide all the necessary details and information to the officer. See how your bank account receives the money.

      Absorption basket in Israel for repatriates in 2024

      Feel free to calculate the money you will obtain as a New Olim in Israel online or look at the table we presented below.

      Supplements to the Absorption Basket

      Navigating the absorption basket for new immigrants
      As soon as your plane lands in the airport in Israel and you inhale the air of the new life, you will be met with the open arms at the exit of the plane (if you are traveling with a group of fellow brethren on the organized flight).

      If not (which is a more difficult way), you have to find the office of the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration yourself. Simply search the address on the web or ask your advisor/manager about the office coordinates.

      Congratulations, you made it to the office of the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration!
      Don’t let your excitement and the high level of stress fool you, we need a clear mind right now.
      Time to make an appointment with your personal supervisor at the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration to arrange your basket of goodies or Sal Klita.

      You can ask the supervisor any questions about the payment calculation, the rules and life in Israel, and etc.

      Your personal supervisor will provide you with some informational brochures, health insurance options (you have to choose one), a part of the Sal Klita, a SIM-card you can start using right on and your new buddy can even call you a cab whenever you want to go after your meeting.

      Click the icon to see some things you need to do and get to make you feel like local:

      Get your Teudat Zehut

      It’s like a local ID card, so take it with you everywhere you go.

      Visit the nearest branch of the Ministry of the Interior with the documents (literally bring everything you have on you) and photos (yes, you will need the photos too).

      Rental help

      By the end of eight months of living in Israel contact your local representative of the Ministry of Absorption to claim your subsidy.

      Driver license

      Get your local driver’s license without the exams.

      How? You have been living in Israel for less than 3 years and your driving experience is over 5 years.

      If that’s you, get your license fresh and clean.

      If it’s not you (sorry!), the driver exam is waiting for you.

      The fee is around 440 shekels, check out the current price at your local place.

      Learn Hebrew

      Come on, this privilege is too good to miss it. It’s nearly impossible to find a job without speaking Hebrew.

      Your future in Israel depends on this. Enroll in a language school near you and enhance your vocabulary with some fancy phrases.


      Go to the municipality of your city and enroll your children in school or kindergarten.

      Absorption basket per household in Israel

      Payments from Israel for returneesAs you can see, the amount of Sal Klita benefits is enormous and the Government really does its best to make you feel welcomed and like home.

      Don’t be shy to check twice or several times the amount of money you have to get from the Ministry, nothing wrong with that.

      It is a form of self-care (if you will) to calculate all the possible benefits and allowance you will receive on your arrival in Israel. It’s a serious business and it needs to be taken seriously, my friend.

      Actually, I would like you to predict some unexpected expenses, like going to the hospital, buying something that suddenly breaks down, etc. and do some calculations. All in the name of your family safety and well-being. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of those you love the most.

      Benefits and challenges of the absorption basket

      Let me show you some graphics on benefits for New Olim (you) in Israel. Let’s look at it!

      Benefits Absorption basket

      Advantages of the absorption basket for new immigrants

      Pros for new repatriates: Sal Klita

      We have already covered many advantages and benefits of Sal Klita. The package is really generous and comes in handy when you need it. You are eligible for a rent allowance: no worries about money – happy life learning Hebrew and absorbing the culture.

      You get free Hebrew classes –learn faster, get a job faster. Also, get you a discount of up to 90% on municipal property taxes. Can you imagine that? It’s all yours!

      If you’re willing to absorb the culture, learn the language and brace yourself for the new and exciting chapter of your life, you will be pretty much alright.

      Table of absorption basket payments for retired

      There are many advantages in the Sal Klita and it’s up to you to take the chance and explore all of them yourself. I’m sure it will be quite easy for you!

      Potential challenges in the absorption basket process

      Some of the challenges are that you might get homesick.

      It’s totally fine to miss you home, your friends and everything you get used to in your country of origin. Finding a psychologist or a mental specialist would be a good idea.

      Don’t let yourself boil in your own thoughts, speak out to someone.Share your thoughts and feelings. Don’t make your life harder. Don’t take your blessing as a burden. You have to know in advance where you will live in Israel. It will save you much time and keep you away from the troubles in the long run. We all want to stay from stress, don’t we?

      It is important to keep in mind that this place you bind through registration, which then will not be so easy to change. And many issues in Israel are resolved at the place of residence. Find as much information as possible about every area of Israel, watch videos and talk to people who have been living there for a while to get their opinion on where to live.

      Ghettos can be found everywhere, areas with a high criminal rate and bothersome environment can be found everywhere. We just don’t want you to be found there. Make your adjustment in your new place of living as comfortable as possible, because changes are not comfortable in itself and it’s better to prepare for every possible situation that might come your way. Be mindful and choose the place of living with this information in mind. Promise, you’re going to be fine. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

      What is Sal Klita?

      In Israel, the absorption basket is called «Sal Klita» and consists of material assistance to new repatriates for the first six months of their stay in the country. An “absorption basket” is issued to all new repatriates without exception.

      The following categories of citizens have the right to receive Sal Klita:

      • Absorption basket for repatriates
      • Returnees who first arrived in the Promised Land. In this case, they need to open a bank account and submit their data to the Ministry.
      • Repatriates who at the time of registration of citizenship live in the country for no longer than a year.
      • Persons under the age of 18 who have undergone the repatriation procedure.
      What is absorption basket?

      This is financial assistance to new repatriates. Thanks to it, newly minted Israeli citizens have time to settle down, learn the language, find a job or take courses in vocational training.

      The absorption basket payouts are divided into two parts:

      • payments immediately after arrival in the Israeli state;
      • six monthly payments.

      The first payment is also issued in parts: in cash and by transfer to a bank account. Second payments are made only to a bank account.

      In addition, rental assistance is included in the basket.

      What are the tax benefits of making Aliyah?

      If you are a new immigrant, the new tax reform will provide you – for the first time and in an unprecedented way – an unequivocal multilateral exemption from tax on any income you receive outside of Israel for a period of ten years from the date of your arrival in the country. The tax exemption applies to all income: active and passive, received from the sale of property, investments, or permanent profits abroad.

      How long do Aliyah benefits last?

      The “absorption basket” is a financial assistance to repatriates, which is aimed at facilitating the conditions of adaptation for people at the initial stage of their stay in Israel. The assistance consists of a livelihood during the period of study at the ulpan (educational institution for the study of Hebrew) for the first six months and subsidies for rent during the first year of residence in the land of the Jews.

      What are the benefits of Oleh Hadash?

      New immigrants are provided with the following benefits:

      • «Basket of Absorption»;
      • Subsidized living wage;
      • Free Hebrew course;
      • Help pupils and students;
      • Tax breaks;
      • Benefits for the purchase and rental of housing;
      • Job benefits;
      • Free health insurance.
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