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Biometric passport of Israel

March 23, 2022 389 Time to read: 4 min.

Every State should take care of the safety of its citizens and their safety. This also applies to personal data. Thus, since 2013, as part of the fight against fraudsters, Israel has begun to issue new passports to its citizens, namely, a biometric Darkon. What are the new documents? How do they differ from previous passports? And what does getting a biometric Darkon amount to today?

The new Darkon – Israel’s Biometric passport

In turn, the country’s transition to biometric documents is because such passports are almost impossible to forge, and without owners, they cannot be used by intruders.

Registration of biometric passports of Israel in the relevant structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs consists of the following mandatory procedures:

  • a person is fingerprinted;
  • a special camera reads from it information about the location of the eyes, nose, ears relating to the general parameters of the face;

  • the collected information is recorded on a special electronic chip;
  • the chip is fixed on the page of the biometric passport.

At the same time, employees of the Israeli Interior Ministry warn that now biometric passports of Israel require special careful treatment, since careless handling can damage the built-in circuit.

Obtaining a Biometric Darkon

You can get a biometric Darkon only on the territory of Israel. The process consists of the following steps:

  • you need to contact the local branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel,
  • fill out the relevant documents,

  • go through the procedures of photo fixation and fingerprinting,
  • come at the appointed time and get a new document.

In turn, the Interior Ministry staff will collect all the necessary information about the person, then create a chip and enter it into a biometric passport. They will also place the data collected about you in the state database under the number of your document. However, your fingerprints can only be in the general registry with written permission. If you do not give your consent, they will be recorded only in the biometric passport.

Moreover, if a person initially does not agree to the presence of his fingerprints in the state register, then he will be issued a certificate valid for 5 years. And if the issue is resolved positively, a biometric passport will be issued for 10 years.

But regarding fingerprints, Israeli legislation also implies exceptions. For teenagers under 16 years old who are issued a new type of Darkon, fingerprints are not entered into the database without parental consent. And for boys and girls from 16 to 18 years old, this information is entered into the general register with the written permission of the teenager himself, as well as his father or mother.

  Also, many people are interested in who and when should receive a biometric passport of Israel.
We answer: the owners of existing Darkons, Lesse-Passes or Teudat-zeuts are not required to receive new-style documents. Their identity cards will be valid until the expiration of the period of use specified in them.

But if the validity period is not specified in the version of the document, then it will be common to all: from June 2022, the whole country should switch to a new format of documents. At the same time, any citizen of Israel will receive a biometric document in return after the expiration of the validity period of the identity cards belonging to him.

The exception is if an Israeli passport is issued at an Israeli consulate in another country. For example, in Moscow, you will most likely be given a Lesse Passe, not a Darkon.

If you need any clarification about repatriation to Israel, difficulties were found in obtaining Darkon, Lesse Pass and other documents, contact the World Repatriation Agency to Israel. Our specialists effectively help repatriates to obtain the status of an Israeli citizen, to issue all the necessary documents without a long wait. We provide support both in the country of origin and in Israel, so getting a biometric Darkon will not be a problem.

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