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Documents for repatriation to Israel

March 25, 2022 346 Time to read: 7 min.

The process of repatriation literally means the return to the historical homeland. We are talking about granting Israeli citizenship to all Jews, as well as members of their families. The right to acquire citizenship is spelled out in the Law of Return (1950) and the Law on Citizenship (1952), as well as related legal acts.

Over the past decades, many Jews and descendants of Jews have returned to their historical homeland, but many do not even know about their right to repatriate. At the same time, the overall process of obtaining citizenship is not easy. But the basis for obtaining the status of a repatriate is always documents proving Jewish origin.

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    According to our data, about 80% of repatriates do not pass the consular check the first time, if they collect and process documents on their own. The reasons for the refusal of the consul can be extremely diverse.

    • In the video, you will learn:
    • Why does the consul need your documents;
    • What evidence will be needed;
    • How to fill out paperwork and application form;
    • What nuances to consider in order for the application to be approved;
    • Where to look for documents of Jewish ancestors.

    Repatriation to Israel—documents for consular verification

    The basic list of documents for repatriation to Israel includes the following media:

    1. Color photographs. The size is 3 x 4 centimeters. Photos of each person are required, including newborns.
    2. The documents. Only original documents are accepted, not copies of them, even if certified by a notary:
      • Foreign and domestic passports. The foreign passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of the consular check;
      • Certificates: about birth, about the marriage of parents, about the birth of parents, about the marriage of grandparents, about the birth of grandparents;
      • Papers confirming labor, trade union, military, party, Komsomol and other activities;
      • Documents on graduation from school, university, and other educational institutions.
    3. Documents confirming the presence of close relatives who live in the territory of the Israeli state, as well as their Israeli identity cards, addresses, and telephone numbers. In addition, the exact date of their repatriation to the country must be indicated.
    4. Questionnaires for repatriation. A lot depends on the correct filling of the questionnaire. Each family member must complete it personally. The only exceptions are children under 17 years of age: they do not fill out the questionnaire on their own. Each questionnaire consists of 12 sheets per person. And all questions must be answered. You can download the application form for repatriation on our website.

    soviet documents

    It is worth noting that the exact list of documents depends on the specific situation, since each case of confirmation of Jewish roots is individual. At the consular reception, the following principle applies: it is better to attach more documents than less.

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      Are you not certain that the collected documents will be able to convince the consul of your Jewish origin? You do not know how well everything is done? You do not understand what to write in the repatriate questionnaire? The WRAI experts will help you to cover these issues. It is better to make sure that there are enough documents in advance than receiving a referral for a second consular check and waiting for it for several more months.

      How to draw up documents correctly

      How to apply for a Repatriate Visa Application:

      • When filling, you can use only blue or black ink;
      • The questionnaire of the head of the family is filled in by a spouse with Jewish roots, the spouse’s questionnaire is filled out by the spouse himself, and the questionnaires of children under 17 years old by one of the parents;
      • Children from 18 to 25 years old can also be repatriated as part of the parental family, they fill out their part of the questionnaire;
      • In the questionnaire, you need to fill in all possible columns, but if the questions are not relevant to the filler, they can be left blank;
      • It is important to put the date of completion and signature even on blank pages;
      • The completed application form must be scanned into one PDF file.

      What is important to know when preparing a package of documents:

      • Documents are attached to the letter as a single file in PDF format;
      • Only documents from the main list should be attached to the letter to the Embassy, ​​without circumstantial evidence;
      • You need to bring all the available evidence to the meeting with the consul, even those that you did not attach to the letter;
      • It is necessary to have photographs of the whole family, including newborn children;
      • Certificates of non-conviction must be issued for all repatriates in the family who are already 14 years old;
      • It is necessary to affix apostilles on certificates of non-conviction and on permission for children to repatriate and receive Darkon if the parents are divorced;
      • Questionnaires must be completed without errors; otherwise they will have to be rewritten directly at the Embassy from memory;
      • Documents must be arranged in order of kinship, from the documents of repatriates to parents and grandparents, so that it is more convenient to navigate them.

      General procedure for obtaining the right to repatriation

      To confirm the right to repatriate to Israel, you need to visit the Repatriation Section of the Israeli Embassy in your country. Its location is easy to find using the Internet. At the right request, the search engine will quickly give the required address, as well as a link to the official website of the Embassy, ​​where you can find a lot of useful information and apply. You can find out how to sign up for a consular check in our article.

      It is impossible to repatriate without passing the consular check. It is considered the most important stage of repatriation. Even three-year-old children must be present at this meeting. And in order for the consul to approve your aliyah the first time, you need to prepare well. It is significant to collect the maximum amount of direct and circumstantial evidence. Each situation is considered individually, so it is not enough to focus on the main list of documents. You have to provide the consul with everything you can find.

      If the returnees can prove to the consul that they qualify under the provisions of the Law of Return, they will receive returnee visas, which can fly to Israel and obtain passports. A repatriate visa is valid for only 6 months, so you need to get into the country before it is cancelled.

      Practice shows that, for example, old photographs from the family archive can be useful for a successful interview with the consul. But situations often arise when, even with all the necessary documents for repatriation to Israel, the consul does not resolve the issue positively.

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