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Israeli student visa

August 31, 2023 418 Time to read: 8 min.

Higher education in Israel is a matter of decency. The desire for knowledge, the ability to structure and analyze information, understand and formulate goals is supported and encouraged in children from school. Education in Israel belongs to the comprehensive system. The literacy rate of the population is 99%.

Primary, secondary and higher education form an integrated system. Here, 49% of the population has an education above the average, which allows Israel to enter the TOP-5 of the most educated countries in the world.

Three out of nine Israeli universities are today in the top one and a half hundred best universities in the world in accordance with the Shanghai ranking. The criteria for getting into this list are quite high: a prerequisite is the presence of international awards from university graduates and teachers, publications in prestigious journals in the scientific world and citation by world-class scientists. It attracts American, European, Chinese and Indian students. Studying in Israel is also a great opportunity to explore the rich culture of the country and visit such important historical sites as Jerusalem.

The higher education system in Israel is based on British-American standards. The country’s universities occupy high positions in the world ranking of universities. The most famous institutions of higher education in Israel are Tel Aviv University, the Technion, the universities of Jerusalem and Haifa.

Education is usually conducted in Hebrew, but English is also quite widely spoken, and there are even entire programs in English designed for international students.

If you want to gain a valuable study experience at one of the best Israeli universities, you need to apply for a student visa.

A student permit must be issued after entering a university or college; the legislation provides for several types of permits.

A visa will be required for foreign citizens who want to study at a primary or secondary school, a higher educational institution, various youth organizations from the Jewish Agency. The period of validity of the document is up to one year. You can drive in and out multiple times. There is no right to work.

Student visa to israel

Issuing a student visa to Israel in 2023 takes two weeks. There are the following types:

  • A2 – for those who plan to study at the university.
  • B1 – for those who want to be able to work (requires an application from the employer).
  • B2 – a document for passing short-term training courses.

The cost of a student visa for 2023 is $47. It is issued within two weeks and is valid for 1 year. After 12 months, the visa will need to be renewed. To obtain a visa, you need to apply at the visa center or consulate. You can apply by phone or on the official website.

Student visa requirements

Requirements for obtaining a visa:

  • International passport. It must remain valid throughout your course.
  • Application in Hebrew or English.
  • Two photos.
  • A document that confirms that you have been accepted to the university. Financial documents that confirm your ability to pay during your education.
  • A certificate that certifies that you have no criminal record. Following the requirements It must be translated into English or Hebrew, and then certified by a notary.
  • A document that confirms good health. It also needs to be translated.
  • Receipt confirming payment for services.

Israel Student Visa Processing

To apply for an A/2 visa, you must appear in person before the Israeli diplomatic / consular representative in the host country and submit the following documents to the mission:

  • Foreign passport valid for the entire period of study and another six months (but not less than 1 year);
  • Completed unsigned application for a visa to enter Israel (signed at the reception) (click here to download the application);
  • Two color photographs 5*5 cm, taken no earlier than two weeks ago (on a white background) (do not stick on the application); IMPORTANT: you must bring photos strictly 5 by 5 cm in size. Photos of other sizes are not accepted.
  • Invitation to study at a recognized educational institution in Israel (List of academic institutions recognized by the Council for Higher Education​). The invitation must contain: the name of the educational institution, faculty, start and end dates of studies, payment information, scholarships, student data, position, signature and contact phone number of the representative of the educational institution);​
  • Proof of sufficient funds to live in Israel (including a bank statement on cash flow for the last 3 months);
  • Birth certificate + photocopy (as well as certificates of change of name or surname, if such an event took place + photocopy);
  • Copies of the main spreads of the parents’ passports (foreign ones in priority); if one of the parents has died, it is necessary to provide a death certificate + a photocopy; if the surname / name of the parent in the passport differs from the surname / name of the parent in the applicant’s birth certificate, it is necessary to provide documents confirming the change + photocopy;
  • Medical insurance policy for the entire stay in Israel, including insurance against coronavirus;
  • Proof of paid accommodation in Israel (at least for the first month): renting an apartment / hostel / Airbnb);
  • Payment of the fee in accordance with the table of fees (in rubles in cash without change or by bank card; payment is made at the reception).

Student Visa application

In the student visa application form, you will need to provide the following details:

  • your personal data;
  • data about your place of study;
  • purpose of the trip;

  • data of the inviting party;
  • dates and duration of stay;
  • financial information.

Following the requirements application must be submitted to the visa center or to the consulate (pre-registration is required). Application can be made by phone or online on the official website. The permit will be issued within two weeks. Israel Visa Application Centers do not have special services with which you can follow the process of processing documents.

When submitting documents to the Israeli consulate or the Ministry of Internal Affairs, you can get a refusal. The reasons may be as follows:

  • Submission of an incomplete package of documents.
  • Entering false information into the application.
  • Recognition as a financially insolvent person due to the lack of certificates of income and the size of a bank account.

  • Filling out forms with errors and inaccuracies.
  • A stamp in a foreign passport indicating a visit to one of the banned Arab states.
  • The presence of a criminal record, outstanding penalties, including loan payments and alimony payments.

Scholarships and grants

There are about 32 types of grants and scholarships in Israel. Here are a few of them:

  • If a bachelor student volunteers for 24 hours a year and at least two years, he can count on 2.5 thousand dollars a year, and if a graduate student – 3.5 thousand dollars.
  • Masters and Doctors of the Institute. Weizman receive a monthly stipend of $1,500 and $2,000, respectively. If students on doctoral studies have young children, then the scholarship is increased.
  • Ben-Gurion and Technion Universities offer gratuitous assistance to foreign students and interest-free loans.

Special conditions for repatriates

There is no free higher education in Israel. However, the state provides assistance to young people who have decided to return to their homeland – repatriates. They have a special funding program. Thanks to it, the state will cover 30-50% of the annual payments to the educational institution. Hebrew and psychological adaptation courses are also available for immigrant students. And they also have simplified training and simplified exams.

If a repatriate graduated from an Israeli school, then he can study at a university for the first three years for free. The state will also allocate subsidies for the purchase of stationery and teaching materials.

Funding and support is available for:

  • returnees (ole hadash);
  • daughter (son) of a repatriate;

  • returned minors;
  • Israelis born abroad.

Assistance conditions:

  • The student must enter the university no later than 3 years after repatriation.
  • The studies must be completed within 10 years of receiving the status.
  • The starting age for an academic bachelor’s degree is limited to 27 years.

A/2 Student Visa Renewal/Extension in Israel

You can apply for an A/2 Israeli student visa extension at Israeli Visa Application Centres, Embassies or Consulates, depending on which one accepts visa applications in your country of residence. If they are not available in your country, you need to contact the nearest embassy or consulate in your location. You can also make an extension while in Israel.

Who Can Apply for A/2 Student Visa?

If you are going to study at one of the educational universities in Israel, you can apply for an Israeli A2 visa. If you have a repatriate visa, you will not need any additional documents.

How to Apply for an A/2 Visa for Israel?

First of all, you need to decide on the university and choose a program of study. After you have been enrolled, you need to prepare a special package of documents and fill out an application for a visa. A student visa does not require an interview with a consul. If you did everything right, you will be issued a visa within 14 days.

When to Apply for an A/2 Student Visa?

The visa is prepared up to 14 working days. There is no special service where you can track the status of consideration of documents on the website of the embassy. Therefore, take care in advance to have time to complete the necessary documents before the start of your studies.

How Long Can I Stay in Israel with a Student Visa?

As a rule, a student visa is issued for a period of 1 year, after which you can repeatedly extend it during the continuation of your studies. The renewal period depends on the length of the study program you have chosen.

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