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Immigration from USA to Israel

August 17, 2023 270 Time to read: 10 min.

Moving to Israel is the dream of many people around the world. The country has a developed economy, a mild climate, a variety of landscapes in different cities and, most importantly, a friendly positive atmosphere. It is easy for an immigrant to settle in Israel, this is helped by both society and the state itself. For example, the Israeli government offers many benefits to make life easier for new immigrants.

Of course, the US also has a large number of advantages. High salaries, hot climates in certain states, and a free spirit. However, among US residents there is a large flow of people wishing to move to Israel. There can be various reasons for this. Let’s compare for example the prices in the two central cities of Israel and the USA.

Markets Tel Aviv New York, NY
Milk (1 liter) $ 1,78 $ 1,38
White Bread $ 2,63 $ 4,45
Rice $ 2,88 $ 7,89
Eggs $ 3,89 $ 5,60
Cheese $ 14,81 $ 17,94
Rent per month Tel Aviv New York, NY
Apartment (1 bedroom) in city center $ 1,733 $ 3,725
Apartment (1 bedroom) outside of center $ 1,257 $ 2,529
Apartment (3 bedroom) in city center $ 2,964 $ 7,704
Apartment (3 bedroom) outside of center $ 2,094 $ 4,451
Transportation Tel Aviv New York, NY
One-way ticket (local transport) $ 1,53 $ 2,75
Monthly pass $ 62 $ 129
Taxi start (normal tariff) $ 3,97 $ 4,92

We have compared the daily expenses that each person bears. As you can see, prices in the most expensive city in Israel still remain somewhat lower than in New York. Of course, in other cities of Israel you can live many times cheaper than in Tel Aviv. And the best part is that everyone can choose a city to their liking.

For example, Tel Aviv is very loud, trendy and progressive. While the other major city, Haifa, has a calm, Mediterranean resort-style vibe.

For 2023, Israel is in the top 5 countries in the world ranking of happiness according to the UN. This list has been compiled since 2012.

It takes into account not only statistics, but also the honest opinion of citizens: Israel even overtook Switzerland and the United States in the ranking. Also, Israel has 330 sunny days a year, little rainfall, and winter temperatures remain warm.

On the sea coasts, winters are quite mild and slightly colder in mountainous areas. Summer is sunny and hot. And a very important thing. All citizens and residents of the country receive free high-level medical care. State insurance includes medical consultations, outpatient treatment, surgical operations and much more. Therefore, in this article we will show you how to make aliyah to Israel from US.

Moving to Israel from USA

An American citizen can apply for permanent residence in Israel under the aliyah program. Statistics have shown that over the past few years, a record number of Americans have moved to Israel. This is due to various reasons. One of them is professional growth. Doctors from America move to Israel to gain experience with the most advanced technologies. Israel is also considered a country of start-ups. The IT sector is one of the most popular business areas in the country.

Another popular reason for moving to Israel from USA is retirement. Israel is considered one of the most comfortable and favorable places in the world for retirement age. Here you can spend time by the sea, enjoy the resort climate and many opportunities for people of all categories.

The easiest way to move to Israel is aliyah. If you have Jewish roots, then from anywhere in the world you can return to your historical homeland, to Israel, and the state of Israel will help you in every possible way in this and will provide many benefits and assistance for easy adaptation to a new place of residence.

Aliyah to Israel from US

Aliya or repatriation is the return of Jews to their historical homeland, to Israel.

The rules for obtaining Israeli citizenship are constantly changing and supplementing. The law gives the right to become a citizen of the country to a person who has Jewish roots. In addition, Jews by birth or children adopted by a Jewish family can become legal citizens.

Another way is naturalization. Naturalization (“rooting in the country”) is the process of obtaining citizenship for those who live legally in Israel, but are not Jewish. A person applying for a passport must have the right to live permanently in Israel (for example, on a work visa or family status) and meet a number of conditions:

  • At the time of the application, he is in Israel and has been living in the country for at least 3 years out of the last 5 years and has evidence of this;
  • Intends to continue living in Israel;

  • Knows Hebrew at some level;
  • Has renounced his other citizenships or declares that he will renounce immediately after receiving Israeli citizenship.

Decisions on these applications are made by the Minister of the Interior. The applicant must prove his belonging to the Israeli society.

This is a really difficult path, so today we offer to get to know aliyah better. This program is the easiest way to immigrate to Israel with many benefits. All you need to do for immigrating to Israel from USA is to provide documents proving that you have Jewish roots.

To prove your right to citizenship, you need to collect a package of documents confirming kinship with an ancestor through the Jewish line. It should include both the documents of the family of repatriates and older Jewish relatives.

It is important that the collected package confirms both the nationality of the ancestor and your family connection with him. Such confirmation of the presence of Jewish roots can be contained in official documents: birth certificate, certificates from the place of work, etc.

In order not to deal with the search for documents on your own, contact the specialists of the WRAI. We will help you access archives around the world. With the help of our specialists, you will be able to present to the consul indisputable evidence of Jewish roots.

Israel immigration laws for US citizens

In order to immigrate from the US to Israel, you need to pass a consular check. You can do this in the United States by signing up for a check at the Israeli embassy in Washington DC.

A consular check is an exciting step that raises a lot of questions, but you can prepare for it. At the meeting, the consul will ask many personal questions: what kind of connections do you and your Jewish relatives have, what are your motives for aliyah, and how do you plan to live if you move to Israel.

You need to go through this interview like any other: answer calmly, prepare for tricky questions, be honest and serious. If the interview with the consul is successful, then you will receive a repatriate visa directly at the embassy on the same day.

At an interview with the consul at the embassy’s aliyah department, you must confirm your sincere intention to become an Israeli citizen and integrate into society.

The consular officer during communication tries to find out the following things:

  • How well the applicant knows the history of his family, whether the connection between generations and Jewish traditions is preserved in the family.
  • How the applicant perceives his origin, whether he considers himself a part of the Jewish community.
  • Is the applicant determined to stay in Israel, to make it the center of his life.

Based on the results of the interview, the consular officer can make three different decisions:

  • approve the application and issue a visa;
  • send for additional documents, appointing a re-check;
  • refuse a visa request.
After successfully passing the consular check, each family member will receive a repatriate visa, which will be valid for 6 months. During this time, you need to move to Israel, apply for citizenship and receive new documents.

After you receive an approved decision on repatriation, and we are sure that with our professionals you will receive Israeli citizenship, you will be able to fly to Israel and start settling in a new place. We will help you go through the necessary authorities, draw up documents for a bank account, insurance, etc. So that you can start doing the most pleasant thing without worries – getting used to a new place. Furnish your apartment with beautiful things, meet new interesting people and explore the rich culture of Israel.

By the way, speaking of the first days in Israel. The Israeli government is actively supporting new immigrants. According to the rules of Aliya, any repatriate has the right to return to their historical homeland free of charge.

All conditions are created for this in Israel:

  • there are charitable organizations that pay for the transfer from the place of residence to the airport in order to fly to the Jewish state;
  • under the repatriation program, immediately after arrival they issue funds and a package of documents for the first time;

  • repatriates are paid for a taxi from the airport to their place of residence;
  • if necessary, pay for several nights in a hotel;
  • issue a SIM card for communication in Israel;
  • throughout the year, payments from the state come to the card.

The Israeli government also provides serious assistance with job search for new immigrants. New immigrants can apply to the Employment Center within 10 years after aliyah, and returned Israelis – within 2 years from the date of return. At the job center you can:

  • consult on any issue related to job search;
  • take professional Hebrew courses;
  • attend a job search seminar;

  • undergo professional retraining;
  • get help and support in the process of employment.

Higher education in Israel is completely paid. But the state subsidizes the education of new repatriates. With the help of subsidies, you can partially or completely cover the cost of education, depending on the chosen university / college and specialty.

As you can see, the Israeli government is taking a full range of measures so that after immigrating from the United States to Israel, you can quickly and easily join life in a new place.

How to make aliyah to Israel from US?

In order to make aliyah to Israel from US you need to prove that you have Jewish roots.

How to get Israeli citizenship from USA?

You can obtain Israeli citizenship after successfully passing a consular check and completing aliyah.

How to move belongings from USA to Israel?

You don’t have to worry about adapting to a new place. Of course, you can take the necessary and favorite things with you. As soon as you arrive in Israel, the state will provide you with many of the assistance and benefits that are provided for new immigrants.

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