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Receiving the Darkon rapidly – an expert's advice

March 23, 2022 237 Time to read: 4 min.

Most often, the repatriation process takes quite a long time, because you need to go through numerous procedures both in the country of origin and on the territory of Israel itself. But there are situations when you urgently need to get a Darkon, and any delay can negatively affect the life of a repatriate, especially if visa-free flights to 161 countries are relevant to a person.

accelerated Darkon acquisition

In fact, accelerated Darkon acquisition is possible. If, on general grounds, an Israeli passport can be obtained 3 months after the official acquisition of Israeli citizenship, then a quick receipt of the document usually takes only 7-10 days. However, this is difficult to do. Real specialists should work here. But we will tell you the basic principles of how you can get Darkon quickly legally, and recommend the most profitable solution.

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    Who can get the Darkon urgently?

    1. You are urgently entitled to obtain a Darkon if you already have Israeli citizenship. According to the current Law “About passports”, if the state officially recognized a person as a citizen of Israel and issued a Lesse Pass, then, if the requirements are met, he can easily exchange Theudat-maavar for a biometric Darkon passport.

    2. For new repatriates, the first Darkon is issued for a period of 1 year in the Ministry of Internal Affairs without much difficulty. Here it is only necessary to follow exactly the general procedure for obtaining a Darkon, defined by the current Israeli legislation.

    Thus, according to Israeli law, repatriates can apply for a foreign passport only 3 months after obtaining citizenship. And to get it quickly, you need to issue a special permit in Hebrew, which not everyone can fill out correctly so that it will be accepted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    Since 2014, RIC specialists have been helping repatriates to quickly obtain Israeli documents. With our help, you will not only quickly collect all the necessary documents, pass the consular check from 1 time, but also enlist personal support right on the territory of Israel. We will help you fill out all the necessary paperwork to urgently get a Darkon, as well as book queues in all instances in advance.

    How can I get Darkon as quickly as possible?

    It is recommended to contact the professionals of your field for an accelerated receipt of the Darkon. It will be quite difficult for amateurs to figure out everything and immediately do everything quickly. To promptly obtain an Israeli passport, you need:

    1. Choose the right date of the visit in order not to lose time due to Shabbat or public holidays.
    2. To provide conditions so that you do not have to wait in line for several months to apply for an Israeli passport. Professionals dealing with this issue usually book a queue in advance and gain time on this.
    3. It is necessary to negate the language barrier when communicating with employees of various services and filling out numerous documents. A language barrier often arises when people who speak and understand Hebrew poorly try to solve all the issues themselves.
    4. Correctly fill out and collect the full package of required documents. This is significant, since their return, re-registration and re-admission will significantly delay the process.
    ⏳ If you make a Darkon yourself, you will have to wait at least 3 months anyway, since to speed up the process you will need to form a ”waiver”.

    Only this approach allows you to get the Darkon rapidly. Although the package of required documents to apply for an Israeli passport is not large, but there may be some complications and issues. Therefore, it is better not to waste your time, money and nerves, but immediately contact trustworthy experts and get the Darkon as quickly as possible and without unnecessary problems. A regular person is very unlikely to be able to do this on their own for just a couple of days.

    📑 World Repatriation Agency to Israel provides services for the accelerated receipt of the Darkon. We are engaged in full professional support in obtaining an Israeli passport. We do everything quickly and at a high professional level.
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    an Israeli citizenship specialist

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