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Israel, Netanya, Meffi 5, office 308

Israel Embassy in Moscow

May 30, 2024 58 Time to read: 6 min.

The Israel Embassy in Moscow is one of the most important and significant diplomatic missions of this country. It deals with issues related to visa and migration processes, as well as provides services for registration and legalization of documents.

Map and Directions

Country Russia
City Moscow
Address Bolshaya Ordynka St, 56, Moscow, 119017
Working days Monday – Friday
Hours 09:00 to 17:00
Phone +7 495 660 2700
Fax +7 495 660 2768
Time difference between Jerusalem and Moscow +1 Hour

Where is the Israeli Embassy in Moscow located? It is at Bolshaya Ordynka St, 56, Moscow, 119017, Russia. Here are some options to get to the embassy:

  • By metro: the nearest station is Tretyakovskaya. From there, you can walk or take a taxi.
  • By bus: Several public transport vehicles with numbers 25, 38, 39 stop near the embassy. You need the “Bolshaya Ordynka” stop.
  • By taxi: You can call a taxi from any area of Moscow.
  • By car: If you choose this option, please note that parking in the embassy area may be limited or expensive. It is better to leave your car in a paid parking lot and get to the embassy on foot.
  • By bike: This option is possible, but not recommended. Traffic outside the embassy is heavy and there are no cycle paths in the area.

Make sure to check the opening hours of Moscow Israeli Embassy before your visit.

Working Days and Office Hours

The diplomatic office is open to visitors from 09:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday. On the days leading up to national Jewish holidays, working hours are reduced.

In addition to Saturdays and Sundays, employees of the Israeli Embassy rest on national and religious Jewish holidays. It also does not operate on important holidays in Russia, which are non-working. If the holiday date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the day off is postponed to the nearest date.

To be sure, it is better to contact the embassy in advance to make an appointment by phone +7 495 660 2700 or by Israeli Embassy Moscow e-mail address:

Services Offered

The Israeli Embassy in Russia offers a variety of services to Israeli citizens and anyone interested in Israel. Here are the main ones:

  1. Processing and issuing various types of visas to visit Israel, including tourist, student, work, and visitor visas.
  2. Registration of marriages between Israeli citizens and foreigners, as long as both partners agree and have prepared all the necessary documents.
  3. Provision of civil and consular services for legalization of documents, certification of copies, execution of birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates, request and translation of documents.
  4. Assisting Israeli citizens with a variety of issues related to passport renewal, civil registration, proof of Israeli citizenship, and support in emergency situations.
  5. Advising tourists on entry into Israel, accommodation, transportation, health insurance, and other aspects of travel.
  6. The mission organizes cultural and educational events: exhibitions, lectures, seminars and conferences.

How to behave at the embassy

It is necessary to seriously prepare for a visit to an important diplomatic mission of the country. In your mind’s eye, imagine what questions you might be asked. Find out from people who have already visited the Israeli embassy in Moscow.

Be calm, don’t be nervous. If you’re doing well, you don’t have to worry.

Here are some more tips to help you solve problems during one visit.

  • Prepare for your visit to the embassy in advance: gather all the necessary documents, make a list of questions and prepare all the necessary visa applications and questionnaires.
  • Find the Israeli Embassy in Moscow address and contact information. This can usually be done through search engines or on the official website of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Write down the opening hours of the embassy and specify what documents you need to have with you.
  • Arrive at the embassy in advance. You may have to wait your turn, especially if you are applying for a visa.
  • Be polite and patient with the embassy staff. They can be busy, so don’t rush or annoy them.
  • If possible, find out in advance what language the embassy staff speaks so that you can communicate with them without any problems.
  • Feel free to ask questions and clarify details if something is not clear to you.

After submitting the documents, you may be asked to come back for the result later. In this case, comply with all the deadlines provided and be sure to bring all the documents you may need.

Historical Insights

The Israeli embassy in Moscow, Russia, plays a crucial role in strengthening the bilateral relations between Israel and Russia. Here are some key historical insights:

  1. Establishment of Diplomatic Relations:
    • Israel and the Soviet Union established formal diplomatic relations in 1948. However, these relations were severed in 1967 and only restored in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The embassy in Moscow was re-established to facilitate and enhance these relations.
  2. Economic and Technological Cooperation:
    • The embassy has been instrumental in promoting trade and economic cooperation between Israel and Russia, particularly in technology, agriculture, and energy.
  3. Cultural Exchanges:
    • The embassy organizes various cultural events, exhibitions, and educational programs to enhance mutual understanding and cultural ties between the two nations.
  4. Supporting the Jewish Community:
    • The embassy provides consular services and support to the Jewish community in Russia, assisting with various legal and cultural matters.
  5. Regional Influence:
    • The Israeli embassy in Moscow also engages in regional diplomatic efforts, contributing to peace and stability in Eastern Europe.

Simona Halperin – Ambassador Simona Halperin has a distinguished career in diplomacy and has been instrumental in strengthening Israel-Russia relations.

These historical insights highlight the vital role of the Israeli embassy in Moscow in strengthening the bilateral relations between Israel and Russia over the decades.

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