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Repatriation to Israel with a criminal record

March 25, 2022 49 Time to read: 4 min.

The “Law of Return”, which has been in force in Israel since 1950, determines the conditions for the repatriation of Jews to their historical homeland. According to it, every Jew, as well as his wife, children, grandchildren, and their spouses, are granted the right to acquire Israeli citizenship.

But there are cases when a person with Jewish roots is not entitled to Israeli citizenship. For example, if a person has been convicted and may pose a threat to the State of Israel. Is it possible to become a repatriate with an expired criminal record? You will find the answer below.

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    Is it possible to repatriate to Israel with an expired criminal record?

    The Israeli state was created by the Zionists to unite the Jewish people in their historical homeland, but not all descendants of Jews can freely come here and stay for permanent residence.

    📢 The country’s immigration policy takes care of the safety of the population, so the consul pays special attention to repatriates with a criminal record.

    In Israel, it is believed that the repatriation of people, even with an expired criminal record, can threaten public safety. There is a separate paragraph on this in the |Law of Return” number 2 (b). It is this point:

    • determines that Jews with a criminal past may pose a threat to society;
    • serves as a basis for people with a criminal record to be denied repatriation visas.

    But having problems with the law in the past does not mean that repatriation to Israel with a criminal record is impossible. There is a practice of solving such cases, accumulated over many decades of law enforcement. Experience shows that the criminal past is not always the reason for refusal to obtain citizenship.

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      Of course, people with a criminal record face more difficult conditions for passing a consular check. But it is important to understand that the very fact of a criminal record does not deprive them of the right to legal residence on the land of their ancestors.

      What determines the possibility of repatriation with a criminal record

      There are several key points that may affect the consul’s decision:

      • the “gravity” of the articles of the criminal code under which a person was serving a sentence;
      • the number of offenses committed;
      • the number of convictions and time spent serving sentences;
      • the statute of limitations for the settlement of a criminal record;
      • features of the life of a repatriate after a criminal record (marriage, the appearance of children);
      • having references, especially from people in the Jewish community;
      • participation in social and charitable activities.

      It is clear that it is practically impossible for hardened criminals who have numerous convictions and are practically “registered” in prison to become a repatriate. But for people who stumbled once or twice, and have not had problems with the law for a long time, it is quite possible to obtain Israeli citizenship.

      In turn, according to Israeli law, employees of the Ministry of the Interior must carefully consider the case of each candidate for repatriation. Such an order includes that they must collect, study and analyze all information about a person and decide whether he poses a threat to society or not.

      Is making a fake certificate an option?

      We strongly recommend not making fictitious certificates of no criminal record. Consular checks are carried out so carefully that all cases of falsification are detected, and subsequently it will be impossible to obtain citizenship.

      If you start to resolve the issue of repatriation of a person with a criminal record correctly, then getting the desired citizenship is quite realistic. Our company offers you assistance in solving such problems. WRAI specialists will help you prepare for the consular check and get a repatriate visa the first time.

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