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How to get an Israeli passport without accommodation

March 23, 2022 60 Time to read: 3 min.

As our internal statistics show, many people want to get an Israeli passport without living in the country. But it should be borne in mind that it is impossible to get a Darkon like some European passports – through investing in the economy of the state or business. If we do not consider the way to become an Israeli through many years of work and living in the Promised Land, then it remains only to prove your Jewish origin.

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    How does one prove Jewish roots?

    Only at first glance, the process of confirming Jewish roots seems simple. In practice, the independent collection of a package of documents for consular verification and the interview itself is a very long and labor-intensive process. To simplify it, there is a company WRAI. And obtaining citizenship the first time is an even more difficult task.

    Every year, thousands of people are sent for a second interview, to search for additional supporting documents, or are denied a repatriate visa.

    WRAI specialists have analyzed in detail the process of finding roots in the material: How to find and prove your Jewish roots?

    How to get an Israeli passport without residence

    The process of obtaining an Israeli passport without residence fully corresponds to similar stages, which we have described in more detail.

    Getting a Darkon

    Until 2017, to get a Darkon, it was required to settle in Israel for at least a year. Now you can get it right away. But it is issued to new repatriates for only 1 year. However, there is an alternative—a Lesse Pass for a period of 5 years. To get acquainted with the differences between these two passports, follow the link.

    Documents for obtaining citizenship

    We have prepared professional recommendations for you that will help you prepare a package of necessary documents:

    • Application form for repatriation;
    • Documents for obtaining citizenship;
    • The Law “On Citizenship”.

    Do you know that now you can get an Israeli passport without even leaving from your country? But then the document will have to wait 2-3 months. The WRAI offers to obtain an Israeli passport in 2-14 days without mandatory residence in Israel. Contact us and we will tell you how to do it, as well as provide full professional support.

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